Bremer Canyon Orca Experience

Bremer Canyon Orca Experience as we spent the day with Queen and her family pod who completed a successful Beaked Whale hunt and spent the rest of their day feeding and playing. Travelling with the family this morning all was relaxed as they formed a perfect FLOT line and pushed slowly to the west. Noosa was leading the way as the family swam alongside her which made us wonder where Queen might be, it soon became very clear she was on the hunt. Moving back up to the east the family pod had gathered around an oil slick which began to form as the excitement of the birds and Orca increased. Queen surfaced with a heavy meal in her mouth and the deep red flesh indicated a Beaked Whale had been captured. It would only have been a small individual as the slick and amount of food being carried was on the smaller side for a Beaked Whale hunt. 

The family pod was very pleased and celebrated the hunt with much social and playful behaviour as they spread out around the slick to begin sharing their meal. Queen ensured that everyone had a good feed and would go around to each little group to oversee the food sharing. The calves were provided with a small amount each as they practiced sharing, although Samurai may have been a bit cheeky and bolted with the food while the others chased! The big morning of feeding was followed by an afternoon of play as the calves had full bellies and were full of energy after a successful morning. The behaviours observed included breaching, spy hopping, wrestling and mimicking the same tactics they would use during a Beaked Whale hunt. During this playtime the calves are having wonderful fun but they are also practicing important behaviours needed the next time they hunt. A wonderful Bremer Canyon Orca Experience today and fantastic opportunity to be welcomed into the Orca hunt and celebrations that followed.

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