Bremer Canyon Orca Experience 2019

It’s On! Bremer Canyon Orca Experience 2019 began today and within moments of reaching the Bremer Canyon the distinctive multiple dorsal fins broke the surface in unison and we all called out, “Orca, Orca, Orca!”. A large oil slick surrounded them as they seemed to have completed their morning breakfast and were enjoying some social time with the family. B-Slice was busy flirting with her male companion and we had to cover our eyes as his privates were briefly put on display for all to see, oh dear! Our day was filled wiht extraordinary moments as they surfaced alongside and moved below our bow to investigate, the only distraction we had was a beautiful Sunfish cruising past and enjoying a lunch of tasty jellyfish.

Taking off and porpoising through the canyon we sighted breaching and fluke slapping as they charged along the canyon wall to hunt down their next meal. Another oil slick began to form and they seemed to be taking their newly found meal with them as they continued back up the canyon leaving little oil slicks as they went. Saying our goodbyes and just before we left a large shadow was moving directly towards us… it was a five meter Great White Shark! Enormous and gliding along this Great White was following the scent of the oil slick and was a very exciting moment to complete a remarkable start to the Bremer Canyon Orca Experience 2019.

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