Bremer Canyon Orca Experience – The Next Level!

The Bremer Canyon Orca Experience was next level today as our morning began with our first sighting of Short-Finned Pilot Whales as over 100+ pod members including brand new calves swan beneath our bow. They were spy hopping, pec slapping and curiously approaching us as we observed their social behaviour and beautiful markings. It was certainly exciting to see them again and a beautiful morning to celebrate their arrival to the Bremer Canyon. Soaring Wandering Albatross watched over the Pilot Whales as we foraged with them along the canyon wall and enjoyed their excitable and curious company. Our next discovery was spotted by keen eyed guests onboard who noticed the silvery shadow of an enormous Sunfish cruising just below the surface. He was absolutely massive and aptly named by our guest Sienna onboard “Zeus” which we thought seemed to fit the character of this confident and relaxed Mola Mola.

The Orca Experience was about to begin as Orca surged and we followed with the hunt as family faces including Swirl, Split Tip, Flapper and even little Stormy charged towards the hunting grounds and their next meal. Suddenly everyone came to a halt and we watched on as large chunks of squid were being carried around in the mouths of the adults. We watched on in amazement as little pieces were shared right in front of us amongst the family pod. A large unknown male Orca (Whale Watch 02) approached from further afield and his arrival seemed to cause a few of the females to begin fluke slapping as he made curious approaches, perhaps interested in seeing if any were seeking out a male and we will keep our eyes peeled for this impressive individual over the coming weeks. The calves celebrated the successful hunt with plenty of boisterous behaviour and spy hopping so close we were eye to eye with the wild Orca of Bremer Canyon… incredible!

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