Bremer Canyon Orca Families

The Bremer Canyon Orca families were back today as El Notcho and his family pod joined with B-Slice and family as the Bremer Canyon sighted the combined hunt of two Orca families.Moments on arriving a large oil slick shimmered on the surface and the seabirds were increasing in numbers by the minute. Tall dorsal fins broke the surface up ahead and as we approached yet another slick a very familiar dorsal fin swam straight at us… it was Cookie! She seemed happy to see us as she swam underneath our bow and it was a special moment to see her and her family back in the Patch for the first time this season. Razor, Blade and Wonks along quickly followed and it didn’t take long to see that the two families had joined together this morning and had a successful hunt.

Eventually both families took their meal and separated a few hundreds meters a part as we joined with Razor who seemed to be carrying something. She swam straight towards our bow and lifted her head above the surface to reveal he prized breakfast. The late oil slick and shape of the object she was carrying looked very much like another successful Beaked Whale hunt had happened only moments after we arrived. The feeding continued all morning as the entire family surrounded us and included us in the morning activities which quickly led to playtime. Little Blade may be the youngest in the family but is full of character and decided to get a closer look at our GoPro as he bumped into the camera! A beautiful day with extraordinary behaviours sighted in the Bremer Canyon as we witnessed active feeding and food sharing only meters away from us.

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