Bremer Canyon Orca Feeding

The Bremer Canyon Orca Feeding was well underway today as we arrived to a glistening oil slick on the surface resulting from a successful kill and it wasn’t long before we could see the red coloured squid tentacle dangling from the mouth of a hungry Albatross! The Orca were pleased with their morning breakfast and as the rest of the family continued to hunt they left the remains of their meal in the capable hands of a well known Orca, Slater and his two companions. All three took turns feeding and continued to slowly carry their meal back down the bank and into the heart of the Bremer Canyon Orca Feeding zone. Just when we thought they had finished eating Slater surfaced along our port side and showed off a big hunk of the squid he was carrying with him, such a show off! One gulp later and it was gone and all three charged back towards the pod.

Along our journey today we also came across the Queen of Bremer Canyon, Split Tip and her family group. They had also successfully hunted squid and we were amazed to see the enormous oil slick and so were the birds as we listened to a chorus of sounds as the Shearwaters and Albatross squabbled over scraps on the surface. Pieces of the finest Bremer Canyon calamari were being flown all around us as the birds tried their best to keep a delicious meal away from the hundreds of competitors. A brand new baby Orca was sighted travelling alongside Queen and WA026, the little one was gorgeous and we look forward to seeing more of little Stormy as the season gets underway. A large pod of Bottlenose Dolphins were feeding and we could here their communication below the surface in the video footage below, another brilliant day in Bremer Bay.

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