Bremer Canyon Pilot Whales

Bremer Canyon Pilot Whales were found today in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean as they foraged for squid in the depths below. Our morning was peaceful, after days of wind and rain it was certainly refreshing to have a light breeze throughout today. Shearwaters bobbed and dipped with the rolling swell as they searched high and low for signs of breakfast. Small tuffs of white water first caught our attention and as we approached the distinctive dorsal fins of Bremer Canyon Pilot Whales were sighted as they cruised towards the East. Large adult males, speedy females and curious calves all gathered together and we had well over 80+ individuals with this first pod. Looking up ahead we could also observe further tuffs of white water and smiled to see even more Pilot Whales coming our way in a hurry. The massive pod now numbered over 200 individuals over a one kilometre area as they spread and moved through in search of food. The two pods had managed to per seine the entire area ad trap any food located within.

A small scrap of squid floated up towards the surface which indicated that the Pilots were being successful in their foraging dives. A brand new calf with foetal folds swam close to mum, already learning the ways of the Pilot Whales. The search grid today took us over 80 nautical miles as we covered an enormous amount of ground in search of the Orca, with good conditions and clear visibility it provided every opportunity possible. Unfortunately, the Orca were outside of our search grid today and it is a great example as to why we have our 100% lifetime sighting guarantee to ensure our guests can join us again completely free of charge at anytime in the future with no expiry date on their return trip. It was a beautiful day out on the ocean and we look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. Looking forward to welcoming our guests onboard again soon for a two for one experience that provides another opportunity to see what the Bremer Canyon has to share next time as each day provides a unique and special experience to enjoy.

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