Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales

Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales steal the show today with four magnificent males feasting on squid in The Patch as speedy Pilot Whales raced by and a cameo appearance of the Orca made for a unique day. The season is changing and with this change comes many things including the movement of wildlife along our coastline which affects both prey and predator. Sperm Whales are such a special species to observe and considering the Albany Whaling Station only ceased hunting of Sperm Whales back in the late 1970’s we feel very privileged to spend time with the largest toothed predators on our planet. Today we were able to identify four different individuals who each had their own character and personality but noticeably they were all very relaxed. 

Feeding in The Patch and looking for squid is all part of these giant hunters foraging travels as they look to find their meals in the depths below. One of the male Sperm Whales was on the skinny side and hopefully during his time here there will be many opportunities for him to feast on squid and prepare for the winter ahead. Pilot Whales also raced through today and it is a good sign that there is much squid in the area for the Pilot Whales and Sperm Whales to be targeting this location. All the feeding and foraging activity must have attracted the attention of Orca as two males made a cameo appearance, perhaps they were hoping to be successful in the hunt for squid as well. Our time spent in this unique stretch of coastline is always an opportunity to learn more and the production of food here is enormous for all levels of the food web.

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