Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales

Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales took over The Patch today as we enjoyed meeting six different Sperm Whales and their incredible flukes. It was a calm and peaceful morning to guide us out to the sighting grounds as the odd Shearwater soared with the limited morning breeze. Scanning carefully on our arrival it was only a short time later that a muffled and distinctive blow rose skywards and the call went out, Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales were back in town! Our first sighting since earlier on in the season, Sperm Whales will often forage in the same areas as the Orca targeting squid and fish. March is a great time to see them as their sightings increase in the last few weeks of the season as the worlds largest toothed predators enjoy the spoils of the Bremer Canyons.

It was a fantastic opportunity for Grace to collect data today on each individual we interacted with including images of their body condition. Little is known about the Sperm Whales in the waters around Australia and being a deep sea diver it means finding them requires a trip out to offshore canyons. A bachelor pod had moved through the area and we were able to identify six individuals who surfaced on multiple occasions throughout the day. A curious and gentle giant, Sperm Whales are a treasured members of the cetacean family and we are so fortunate to have the opportunity of observing them in Australian waters. It was flukes up all day as feeding dives resulted in picture perfect moments and a great way of building our Sperm Whale catalogue with fluke identification images. Although we had a marvellous time with the Sperm Whales today it was our first tour for the season with no Orca and a great example why we have our lifetime sighting guarantee in place when working with wildlife. We look forward to welcoming our Pod Members back onboard again for their return trip to see the Orca soon.

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