Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales Breaching

Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales breaching on a magnificent afternoon unfolded right next to us today during an incredible interaction as sightings of seven Sunfish added to our unique day. Calm seas, light winds and plenty of sunshine was the perfect combination for a wonderful day out on the water. Shortly after arriving in The Patch we could feel the energy of the Orca was not around and it was time to begin searching further afield to see what could be found. Looking carefully to the west, we scanned kilometre after kilometre of beautiful Southern Ocean for signs of these apex predators. It was a rather interesting creature who firstly captured our attention as a sneaky dorsal fin broke the surface, the Sunfish were in town! 

It was incredible to watch as one after another the Sunfish were sighted with a total of seven individuals making our morning. Lovely to see such enormous individuals as well feasting on delicious Portuguese Man O’War also known as Bluebottles, slurping them up just like spicy spaghetti. The thick skin of the Sunfish assists in protecting them from stinging cells and allows them to enjoy their meal. It was onwards with our search though and we continued to look, travelling over 110 nautical mile in search of the Orca. White water along the horizon erupted and we approached the area, suspecting possible Sperm Whales. Sure enough, there they were as beautiful strong bodies of the worlds largest toothed predator erupted. It was a bachelor pod of 15 young males, cruising through The Patch and on an energetic mission to find squid. One individual in particular was very enthusiastic as he began to tail slap, the immense power of the resulting thud felt like it could shake the continental shelf next to us. He then launched into a full bodied breach which made us all gasp in amazement, a lifetime moment for everyone onboard. The surface activity continued as we travelled with this special pod into the late afternoon as we Joined The Pod and found ourselves surrounded with the good company of these cheeky bachelor males.

The opportunity to witness Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales breaching today was an experience that is very rare to observe and we were thrilled with every moment of our time enjoying the company of these gorgeous whales. Our 100% lifetime sighting guarantee is always in place and although we had a marvellous day, our Orca were busy foraging outside our search zone. In these unique days when Orca are not sighted our guests are welcomed back onboard completely free of charge to join us again at a time suitable for them with no expiry date on their return trip.

We look forward to welcoming onboard todays Pod Members again soon to meet the Orca, but will always treasure this special day and opportunity to spend time with two of the wonders of our marine would, magnificent Sperm Whales and marvellous Sunfish.

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