Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales

The Southern Ocean was impeccably calm today with a glassy Bremer Canyon greeting us on our arrival and it wasn’t long before we sighted our first morning introduction, a very sleepy New Zealand Fur Seal (aka Long-nosed Fur Seal) who had just woken up and was enjoying a good scratch and roll in-between looking up at us. A fantastic sighting from the bow was made by one of our guests as a slender dorsal bobbed above the oceans surface and this belonged to a very beautiful and large Sunfish. Soon our eyes scanned the horizon and a large muffled blow was seen… we had sighted our first Sperm Whale!

Having held his breathe for close on 90 minutes this young male Sperm Whale was replenishing oxygen levels and preparing for his next dive. The sounding dive of a Sperm Whale is rather magnificent as they lift their fluke clear of the water below before slowly disappearing into the deep blue not to be seen for another hour or more. Our journey home had a familiar pod of Common Dolphins race over to us for a quick hello before moving on to their next feeding ground and we had the chance to meet the new caretaker of Glasse Island… the very large male Australian Sea Lion Brock!

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