Bremer Canyon Wildlife Extravaganza

Bremer Canyon Wildlife Extravaganza on a stunning day as the Orca completed another successful Beaked Whale hunt, a beautiful Leatherback Turtle cruised past, a Sunfish was flipped by the Orca as Common Dolphins porpoised alongside while Wandering Albatross soared. A very special day as we flew out to The Patch and as we arrived explosions of white water ahead indicated that the hunt was on as Orca were airborne towards the others who had found a Beaked Whale. The hunt was intense and quick as they wasted no time in pushing the individual below the waters surface as dozens of Shearwaters plummeted into the ocean to capture the scraps. Large sharks lurked around us as the Orca began to share their meal right alongside us with Queen, Flapper, Stormy and Wonks seeming to have been the individuals who had located the Beaked Whale. A large Leatherback Turtle meandered past and what a stunning sight they are to see, quickly moving out of the area and away from the Orca.

The meal was shared amongst pod members with both Grace and Clare doing a wonderful job in documenting some of this very special behaviour from above and below. We enjoyed watching on as each little morsel was pulled and torn apart before being enjoyed. Playtime followed after the meal as fluke slapping kept the communication flowing amongst the pod members who welcomed us into the fun times. A lone Sunfish was just ahead and we could see him moving directly in line with the travelling Orca and sure enough young calf Samurai beelined him and rolled him over. Seeming startled and outraged the Sunfish pivoted back upright and began to beat his dorsal fin towards the Orca. Allowing him to move off the Orca continued on with both of the Wandering Albatross following the apex predators back up towards The Patch. Our return back home was made all that much more fun by the Common Dolphins who charged in for bow and wake riding as they launched clear of the ocean below. Sea Lions and nesting Crested Terns completed a Bremer Canyon Wildlife Extravaganza day that was filled with some of the most incredible creatures on our planet from start to finish.

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