Bremer Canyons New Killer Whale Calf ‘Milli’

Bremer Canyons new Killer Whale calf was introduced to us today by her family pod and as the little one made her way towards us we knew straight away who we would name in her honour. Milli Lucas was a brave young lady and we know that this beautiful calf will proudly carry her name and continue to share Milli’s story for years to come. 

It was wonderful to see all members of the family pod protectively watching over Milli as she was excitedly racing along with her mum, full of excitement and enthusiasm as the family foraged. One interesting observation was of a large Hammerhead Shark who appeared close by and we watched as one of the female Orca from the family pod moved towards him, Sharks of this size could be a possible danger to such a young Orca calf. It took one look from this female for the shark to move away in a hurry and guarding duties completed, she happily returned back to the family pod.

Successful hunts on squid early meant that the Orca had food in their bellies and the calves were ready to play. Throughout the morning they would race around our bow and underneath us, playfully chasing each other. Eddie who is almost three years old and rather confident decided he was going to bring Mili over for an introduction and as he swam towards our bow we could see tiny Milli right alongside her pod mate. They both came right next to our bow and past the GoPro and at that moment everyone onboard fell in love with these two special calves. Play time continued for a while longer until a call went out amongst the pod and everyone regrouped… what had changed?

Charging in on our stern were over fifty Pilot Whales in a hurry as they surged towards the Orca, little Milli was instantly back by her mums side as the family pod moved out and allowed the Pilots to continue busily foraging as small oil slicks began to form all around. El Notcho and his family returned back to The Patch in the early afternoon and we spent some time with this well known family pod before B-Slice came back over for his afternoon goodbyes. Today was a privilege to have so much activity, close interactions and meet Bremer Canyons new Killer Whale calf. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Lucas family, Milli and her families inspirational bravery will never be forgotten. 

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