Bremer Killer Whale Research

Bremer Killer Whale Research on another beautiful day in The Patch as lovely male Giovani spent some time hanging out with his namesake. A breeze was around today and this was certainly welcomed with open wings by the Shearwaters and Albatross who have been working with mostly no wind or very light wind days over the last couple of weeks. Gliding high and soaring over the beautiful sea it didn’t take them long to hone in on the Orca as the distinctive blows shot up quickly. It was exciting to observe young male Giovani who has been named after John Totterdell, perhaps Giovani knew that JT was onboard today as he came in for a closer look. Giovani beelined us and came straight in towards our port side but very slowly, watching carefully and showing off his beautiful size and strength. This continued for a few more passes as he popped up on our bow and stern with his presence certainly a perfect example of the energy of these apex predators.

The rest of Giovani’s pod was also in town as the family worked together in The Patch throughout today. Also working The Patch was a minimum of four Sperm Whales who surfaced on multiple occasions throughout the morning. One of the male Sperm Whales was re-identified today from a previous encounter earlier in the week which was great to see. Bremer Killer Whale Research is a wonderful opportunity to continue learning about this special population just as JT has done for many years now with every day providing further information and data. The family pod today was spread over a large area but did converge in the afternoon which was wonderful to see especially during the foraging dives as they all gathered around each other closely. We wished them well for their afternoon ahead and hopefully a feast of squid to be enjoyed amongst the family if they can get to it before all those hungry Sperm Whales did!

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