Bremer Killer Whales Demand Respect

Bremer Killer Whales demand respect and an understanding of their behaviour to ensure that we can build meaningful relationships with family pods. A calm morning greeted us and it was a peaceful journey to The Patch with minimal birdlife. Scanning the horizon carefully, a distant blow first caught our attention although at first it was extremely muffled. Approaching the area we could observe a small congregation of Shearwaters which was a good sign when a sudden surfacing had everyone calling out in unison, “Orca!”. It was exciting to watch as the family pod began to move out to deeper water and completing our ID work this evening we can confirm that this was Chrissy and her family whom we have not sighted since late January. Beautiful male Banjo cruised past and it was lovely to get a good view of this special male whom we don’t get to spend all that much time with throughout the season. This is due to this particular family foraging further afield from our usual sightings grounds so time with them is always precious when we get the opportunity.

Respecting the Orca of Bremer Bay is vital to building strong relationships with these incredibly intelligent individuals. They remember our interactions and although an apex predator are extremely sensitive to sound and the way you approach and work with each member of the family. Ensuring we are patient, respectful and observant when with them allows a wonderful freedom of interaction where the Orca have control and make the decisions. Orca in control are happy Orca which is what we strive for in every interaction, after all we are working with the second largest brain on the planet! Our lovely Orca family moved out to Knob Canyon as they foraged for that next meal and it was lovely to observe the teamwork amongst them. Spending the day watching them provided time to complete further ID work on this family pod and also learn more about each of the individuals and their character. A curious, focused and healthy family pod that we hope to spend more time with as the season continues. A large Hammerhead Shark said a quick hello on our cruise back towards the coastline and was even interested in hanging around the surface for a little while so we could get a better look at this powerful predator. Yet another wonderful day with the Bremer Bay Orca who never cease to amaze us with their beauty, patience and strong family bond.

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