Bremer Killer Whales Feeding in The Patch

Bremer Killer Whales feeding in The Patch today as multiple family pods returned to their favourite fridge in the Southern Ocean. Moments after arriving off the edge of the continental shelf the birds surrounded us and Chloe called out blows on our starboard side. Quickly followed by lows at twelve and blows on our port side, we were surrounded by Orca! It was exciting to see Queen, Alki and Cheryl having returned back to The Patch and enjoying their morning. Cheryl and her family we have not seen for a good week and straight away Moni and Milli came over to greet us happily. It was a beautiful interaction to have these two lovely wild Orca greet us like family and swim directly towards our bow. Staying with us throughout the morning they continued to return to our bow before swimming underneath and around again. Moni even took a few moments to feed Milli as she sat 2 metres  underneath our bow which showed incredible trust.

The family had been successful and enjoyed a meal of squid which put everyone in a good mood. B-Slice especially was up to mischief as he flirted with some of Queens pod members before returning back to his only family pod for babysitting duties. Being a picture perfect older sibling he watched over and created fun games for youngsters Dart and Dash to join. The three spent all morning twisting, turning and chasing after each other while including us in the family fun. Bremer Killer Whales feeding in The Patch is always a perfect time for socialising as multiple family pods gather together. The population of Orca who live in these waters are thriving and it is a perfect opportunity to visit Bremer Bay and meet the apex predator of our oceans.

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