Bremer Killer Whales Forage

Bremer Killer Whales forage throughout today took them on a long distance marathon as they scanned kilometres of ocean in search of a meal. The season is certainly changing and as we arrived in peaceful conditions this morning in The Patch a lone dorsal fin broke the surface. This was closely followed by one more, then another and another as two family pods surfaced as 25+ Orca moved together as one. It was very exciting to watch as they pushed out over a large area and with 100-200 meters in-between each couple of individuals we were completely surrounded.

Alki and her family greeted us first and little Grace popped up to say hello, she has grown up so much over the last couple of weeks as she closes in on almost two months of life in the waters off Bremer Bay. Slater and her buddies Nikki and Madison journeyed with us throughout the morning and would roll onto their sides while looking up at everyone on the bow curiously. Later in the afternoon we were joined by the much loved Queen as she swam straight towards us and looked up, always a special moment to meet Orca royalty! We now had both families swimming either side of us in a graceful and powerful line as they pushed back towards The Patch in an ever consistence search for food in their preferred hunting grounds. Australian Sea Lions and Fur Seals were also a wonderful addition to an exciting and wildlife filled day in Bremer Bay.

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