Bremer Orca Fishing The Patch

Bremer Orca Fishing The Patch Whale Watch Western Australia

Bremer Orca fishing The Patch today as we start to observe their foraging patterns change as we move further through autumn as Queen, Cookie and Alki were observed searching the hunting grounds. It was a beautiful day and a great opportunity to make the most of the good weather prior to the front arriving later in the afternoon. Arriving in The Patch we could observe the Orca spread and working diligently as they searched the main hunting grounds carefully. Three family pods were sighted today as we met members from all including handsome boy EL Notcho who came over for morning greetings. Queen and her family then regrouped and we enjoyed spending time with them throughout our day and observing their movements. During summertime the Orca focus their attention on squid and Beaked Whale in the central location of The Patch with some of the families working this area for days on end. Once the season begins to change and we move through autumn and towards the winter months we can observe the foraging patterns of the Orca change.

Prey availability is now starting to include baleen whales such as Blue Whales, Humpback Whales and Minke Whales as they will soon begin their annual migration. The need to change their areas of search is important as the Orca like to cover more ground at this time of the season. Increasing their range means a lot more swimming and that is exactly what the families were busy completing today as they searched for that elusive meal. Queen made the most of the good weather and ensured her family pod worked efficiently through The Patch before moving out to the east and then back out towards the southwest into the approaching weather front. It was beautiful to watch the day change as the clouds grew on the horizon and the calm sea made for good travelling conditions. Approaching us closely for one last farewell Queen moved past our bow with the family as we wished them all the best for their travel ahead. Making our way back into the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour we arrived in perfect timing just as the light pitter patter of rain began to fall after a special day watching the Bremer Orca fishing The Patch.

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