Bremer Orca Generation

Bremer Orca generation is an exciting time in Queen’s family pod as five youngsters are ready to start learning the ways of the family as we spent time observing them today. A spectacular morning greeted us as sunny skies and a calm sea stretched out towards the horizon. Our first interaction was with the very charming and rather cheeky local Bottlenose Dolphins who meandered over to say their good mornings. Between thirty to forty individuals live within this family pod including a few new calves who were happily swimming alongside the family in the still morning conditions. Onwards we went towards The Patch as we scanned carefully for signs of life and activity amongst the peaceful weather and deep blue of the ocean below.

Shearwaters soared as a Wandering Albatross glided past our bow and we were all looking for the same objective, Orca. Surfacing as one and moving in a perfect FLOT line Queen and her family pod moved up towards us with ease. Seeming to be on the move it was a great opportunity to travel with the family for a while and observe calves travelling alongside their mums. Five new members of the family ranging from four months through to five years old travelled with their family as matriarch Queen took the lead. Noosa took up her usual outrider position on the flank as the calves travelled in the creche. Wonks is really starting to put on some good size as his dorsal fin continues to straighten and we are very excited to see what the next twelve months of growing will mean for Wonks and just how big he is going to get! The family foraged throughout the day in search of a meal and it seemed that prey was more difficult to find today, but we know that Queen will continue onwards and show her family the best areas to find that elusive meal.

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