Bremer Orca Season 2022 Finishes

Bremer Orca Season 2022 finishes on a beautiful Autumn day as B-Slice made sure to spend some special time with us before the most beautiful Sperm Whale tail dive completed another brilliant Orca season. The Orca have been extending their search zones of late as they tend to do in April and it has been a few days since Cheryl and her family pod have been in The Patch. Approaching us with excitement we enjoyed the company of B-Slice, Moni, Milli and Fanscar who surrounded us and came over for some social interaction. The day was spent relaxing with the Orca as they enjoyed their Sunday morning of family time and it was wonderful to be welcomed in on the fun. B-Slice in particular was fascinated with us today and would swim around and underneath us before moving back up towards the bow again. Perhaps he knows that this will be our last interaction for a few months before we see him again next season. He is such a beautiful boy who’s grown so much over the last few seasons and today he showed off just how big he is as he moved only meters below our feet.

The family was looking well and it was lovely to have the opportunity of spending time with them all after what has been an incredible season. The Orca of Bremer Bay enjoy living in these waters year round but as the weather changes and the season rolls into the next one we will observe their foraging patterns extending and regularity of sightings decreasing. Just before departing a muffled blow appeared just ahead and we approached to meet an enormous Sperm Whale who was getting ready for his next feeding dive. Watching each methodical exhale and inhale it is peaceful to see this giants of the deep go about their day. Ready to find his next meal the enormous peduncle arched before gracefully lifting his fluke high above the southern ocean and into the depths below. The most perfect way to say goodbye to another wonderful Bremer Bay Orca season and a huge thank you to all of our Pod Members who joined us this season. See you again in Bremer Bay on the 2nd January 2023!

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