Bremer Orca

Bremer Orca continue to cruise The Patch as today we met up with Queen and Alki who were enjoying the sunshine. Queen came straight over to greet us this morning as the family pod took some time to hang out with everyone onboard. Shearwaters were squabbling over squid scraps on our arrival so it appeared Queen and her family had been able to secure breakfast and it was now time to settle into forage mode for morning tea. Noosa came over as well to say hello and it is always a special time with this lovely lady, an elder of the family pod she is a very experienced Orca. Travelling along with Queen it was her roll to be an outrider and scan the outskirts of the foraging envelope throughout the morning. A charismatic and very relaxed Fur Seal continued to make an appearance throughout the day much to our amusement. Carlos he was nicknamed and without a care in the world he continued to relax on his Saturday morning float.

It was a great opportunity to observe how the Orca would respond and as suspected they ignored  Carlos the Fur Seal. It does not appear that Fur Seal is part of their diet as on multiple occasions now when the Orca are within range of them they continue to move past and the Fur Seals show now signs of distress. The morning was spent with Queen as our second Bremer Orca pod for the day arrived at lunch as Billie led the way to Alki and her family pod. Cruising and enjoying the afternoon conditions the family took the opportunity to enjoy some bow and wake riding. Dot and little Grace zoomed towards us as Nani quickly followed behind as they continued to surf in and around us in perfect symmetry. A beautiful day in-between the windy weather during this week and a great opportunity to enjoy the wonderful Bremer Orca and introduce these two family pods to our Pod Members onboard.

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