Brilliant Battles

The male Humpback Whales in Flinders Bay put on an incredible display of power today as they twisted, turned and pushed their way close towards the available females in three separate competition pods sighted throughout the day. One male in particular we recognised easily on this mornings tour and again with another competition pod on this afternoons tour with his unique white peduncle markings and scar that was very fresh from the earlier battle in the morning.


A beautiful rainbow, Australasian Gannets, Albatross and Crested Terns added to a wonderful day as we watched the birds carefully dive into the water and capture the silvery baitfish hiding below. Large adult Humpbacks continue to move through the bay and competition pods fill the bay with intense energy as they race to see who is the strongest and finest male Humpback… although the female Humpback can decide this we find it hard as all the males give everything they have to become the number one pick