Busselton Jetty Whale Watching

A special Busselton Jetty Whale Watching journey for us as we welcomed onboard our interstate VIP guests to enjoy an afternoon out on the water in Geographe Bay. A lovely day greeted us and we made our way out into the pristine waters that are home to wildlife both local and visiting, including our migratory whales. An endless movement of Pied Cormorants are always travelling about the waters of Busselton as they search for small fish to enjoy as a delicious meal. Flying fish soared above the surface so effortlessly and disappeared just as quickly, they really are one of the magicians of the deep blue! The local Bottlenose Dolphins greeted us and it was beautiful to see one of the young calves who was born a few years ago all grown up and looking so well.

Our departure back to Fremantle was beautiful with the winds guiding us back and the Shearwaters dancing across the swell when suddenly a plume of white water appeared on the horizon. Attention captured and all eyes watching, we waited quietly when it happened again and this time there was no denying what our eyes were seeing, a breaching Humpback Whale! Only 20 minutes after departing Busselton Jetty Whale Watching in the late afternoon, a magnificent Humpback was on the move down the coastline and we were so excited to have had the opportunity to cross paths. The southern Humpback Whale migration is thinning and fewer Humpbacks are moving down the coastline making finding them tricky with limited timeframes. A beautiful whale who continued to breach, head lunge and tail lob in the afternoon sunshine as we thanked him for making our trip back to the Port of Fremantle a very memorable one.


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