Busy Humpbacks in Bay

It was certainly a busy day today for our Humpback whales as on both morning and afternoon tours the activity was high as many whales interacted with one another. Most excitingly we re-sighted our beautiful little Humpback calf and his mum! Looking a bit bigger and moving closely to mum we managed to get a better picture of both together today, he really is so tiny.

With numerous pods moving through our bay we sighted a lot of surface behaviour such as spy hopping, pec rolls, tail slapping and general silliness as some pods mingled on the surface! Lovely interaction also today with many of these pods that we were with as they came right over to check everything out and we had some very close encounters.

Birdlife was also going crazy today with Gannets and Crested Terns enjoying the plentiful baitfish around and often diving right next to the boat. A lovely day that just got better with a huge 5 minute display of breaching, head lunging, tail slapping and pec slapping from a pod we found on the way back to the marina… even a magnificent rainbow to complete a beautiful day.

ID Log
Date – 30.6.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 22. 90 Long – 115 . 11 . 24
Notes Surface active pod of three HB whales, photo of largest individual