Bye Bye Blue Whales

Bye Bye Blue Whales as today we completed our final tour for Blue Whale Season 2022 and now begin counting down the days until the march of the Humpback Whales begins. It has been a unique and wonderful season with the Blue Whales this year with further id images collected of different individuals and data on their movements through the Perth Canyon gathered. Centre for Whale Research have also had a very busy season and it has been a fantastic opportunity for our Pod Members onboard to see them hard at work doing what they do best with the worlds largest creature. The many species of dolphins observed has been fantastic with Striped, Common, Spinner and Offshore Bottlenose keeping busy in the nutrient rich and food filled waters.

The last of the Blue Whales will continue heading north up towards the Banda Sea as the season begins to change as we get closer to winter. The rumble of thousands of Humpback Whales will soon take over the Western Australian coastline as their migration season begins. A very exciting season ahead for our winter Whale Watch as Augusta tours quickly approach and soon we will be surrounded by the most acrobatic of all the great whales as they take to the skies to display their excitement for the breeding and calving season ahead. Thank you to all of our Pod Members for joining this years Blue Whale season and we look forward to Blue Whale Season 2023.

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