Bye Bye Whales

Summer time is calling as we say goodbye to our Humpback whales until next year and although we will miss them our local family pod of 15+ Bottlenose Dolphins and friendly Australian Sea Lion certainly made our day with their playful and inquisitive nature. Having not eaten since mid May our Humpbacks are hungry and the majority of our West Australian population have travelled quickly to Antarctica to begin feeding and replenishing their bodies with nutrients and much needed weight.

During the next few months over summer time our Humpback Whales and many other species will be filling their tummies full each day on protein rich krill. This krill will allow our whales to put on an incredible amount of weight which will be carefully stored as blubber and come mid May 2017 they will head off and begin their next big migration along our coastline where we will be patiently waiting to see our friends once again!