Cape Leeuwin Whale Watching

Cape Leeuwin Whale Watching on a winters day as our second Humpback calf for Season 2021 was sighted and a boisterous competition pod caused a flurry of activity off Cape Leeuwin. The mornings pods were extremely focused and in migration mode as they moved through Flinders Bay. Amongst the busily migrating escort pods a large female surfaced along with something small… it was a tiny Humpback Whale calf! Our second Humpback calf for Season 2021 and this little one was snuggled in close to mum as both calmly moved away from the other two pods who were either side of them. Mother whale was content as she made her way through the bay and once they were clear of the other whales we smiled to see her slow down and come to a stop, it was feeding time. A perfect opportunity to tiptoe away and allow mother and calf to enjoy these special bonding moments together. It was good to see so many pods today eagerly making their way north as the half way point of their season is fast approaching.

A pod of two cruised past the Augusta Boat Harbour as we departed in the afternoon and the relaxed escort pod guided us all the way towards the reef line. A commotion began further in the bay and as we arrived three whales were racing towards the cape, a female who was being followed closely by two cheeky males. The boys were pushing each other away from the female who appeared to be pregnant with her enormous girth prominent. Breaching just ahead signalled another big male was interested as the big white bellied individual rumbled over and quickly gained the place of primary escort due to his immense size. The female didn’t appear over pleased with all this attention as she loudly trumpeted, being heavily pregnant her focus was certainly not on the boys. A spot of Cape Leeuwin Whale Watching was enjoyed in the late afternoon sunshine as a female became surface active, raising her fluke high above the waves in a very impress handstand.

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