Cape Leeuwin Whale Watching

Cape Leeuwin Whale Watching it was today as the rhythm of the migration was flowing past South East Rocks with juvenile Humpback Whales leading the way. Our first greeting though on this cloudy, cosy Sunday morning was with the local Bottlenose Dolphins who came racing over to say hello. They appeared to be in a busy mood as they covered ground efficiently and intel came later in the day from Pod Member Chloe that the rest of the family pod had been successfully feeding in the Blackwood River that morning as well. Searching carefully through Flinders Bay it appeared quiet as the first sightings were observed ahead on the horizon. Moving towards this location we could observe that the focus for this mornings pods was all about continuing the journey north as migration mode was switched on amongst all of the whales.

Joining with a pod of two Humpbacks we could see one was a gorgeous yearling whose big white belly extended up his flanks. Travelling with a slightly larger and older juvenile the two travelled together for a while before being joined by a third whale. The three amigos happily travelled together as they pivoted around the most southwesterly point of Australia and pasted the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse as they covered ground efficiently. A further two pods could be observed out to the west as they were also busy migrating and at the pace it wont take them long before they reach the Indian Ocean. Travelling with other Humpback Whales in close proximity is extremely beneficial for these youngsters as there is safety in numbers this way and Orca are less likely to approach larger pods of whales. Wishing them well we met one last pod on our return back towards the Augusta Boat Harbour as they were also moving out towards the reef line and would soon be joining the others on the busy Humpback highway this morning.

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