Cape Leeuwin Whales

Morning Tour

Cape Leeuwin Whales on a beautiful winters day as the whales enjoyed a busy day of competition and migration through Flinders Bay. Our morning started with two friendly and easy going Humpback Whales who were in cruise control from one side of the bay to the other. Carefully navigating around the edges of the abalone farm they closed in on the reef line as they prepared to continue their northern migration today. Wishing them well we moved out to the centre of the bay as we found ourselves surrounded by multiple pods and the local Bottlenose Dolphins surged over to say hello. The pods were all moving quickly as we could see individuals scatter as they found a way to politely move around the other pods in the morning sunshine without interrupting each others journey. One whale repeated powerful fluke slapping which indicated to the other whales not to come closer and respect this whales reactionary distance.

Afternoon Tour

Our afternoon began with a quick hello from a mother whale and her new calf, looking to be the same pod we have sighted a few times this week. Leaving them to rest we continued towards another pod with a female Humpback who had gained the attention of a few males. The boys were circling her as she repeated impressive inverted fluke slapping and it seemed she didn’t particular want the attention from these males. It was too late though and as she led them on a chase the males were incredibly competitive with a big white bellied male leaning up onto the other challenging male every time he surfaced. It was truely remarkable to watch and the intensity of this competition pod rumbled on for over an hour. Passing by a second pod one of the individuals launched into a couple of full body breaches in the afternoon sunset which was simply stunning as we enjoyed every moment with these Cape Leeuwin Whales.

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