Cape Leeuwin Whales

Cape Leeuwin Whales and a peaceful morning greeted us today as the gentle patter of rain cleared for a magnificent morning with the Humpbacks. Everywhere we looked tall exhalations could be sighted as 50-60 Humpbacks were counted all around us. So many whales in a relatively small area creates much energy and we noticed a few competition pods starting to form including one just to our starboard side. The big males shuffled, huffed and puffed as they sized each other up and displayed their strength. Keeping very poised as with so many others around they didn’t seem to want too much noise to encourage other males to approach. Breaching was sighted regularly as each pod moved towards other whales and the communications went back and forward throughout the morning as large plumes of white water erupted around the bay.

One big male launched into some enormous, full body breaching close by and followed up with a few head lunges. The Language of the Whales™ is fascinating to observe as each movement, sound and motion means something important. Flinders Bay was filled with big adult whales all hyped up with the energy of the breeding season well underway. The local Bottlenose Dolphins were busy feeding along with dozens of Australasian Gannets plummeting into the ocean at speeds of up to 100km per hour! A magnificent morning surrounded by Cape Leeuwin Whales and as the sunshine stretched out and the rain clouds reappeared we found ourselves comfortably back in the Augusta Boat Harbour as the pitter patter of rain returned to the bay.

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