Cape Leeuwin Winter Whales

Cape Leeuwin Winter Whales today as a competition pod electrified the cape as the males surged after her and the female breached to encourage their attention. The energy was high as the female began to breach and pec slap which encouraged the males to race after her as they travelled at big speeds. One of the males who was approaching to join the competition pod launched into an enormous breach just off our bow as he pushed himself to get closer to the competition pod who was starting to pull away up ahead. Jostling, pushing and shoving for position closest to the female created an incredible display of power and strength from the males who were working hard.

The female did not let them rest for anymore than a few minutes as she continued to lead them forwards at pace and out of Flinders Bay. It was Cape Leeuwin Winter Whales today as the tall and impressive Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse could be seen back on the mainland overseeing the sight of 40 plus thousand kilogram Humpback Whales launching through the ocean. Another great example for the reason why these whales are heading north was a heavily pregnant female today so very focused on her migration ahead. Head down, steady pace and relaxed energy as she moved towards the reef line and is aiming to get as far north as possible before the arrival of her calf.

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