Cetacean Communication

Cetacean communication unfolded today as the Language of the Whales was flowing freely amongst pods on a picture perfect winters morning. Our first interaction was with a lovely lone adult who was focused and moving quickly as a beautiful tail dive lifted high. The reason for the fast movement was due to another two pods not far away who had begun some cetacean communication with pec slapping and tail lobbing. A younger whale, this individual was seeking attention and seemed to be looking for a travelling companion as pec slap after pec slap continued throughout the morning. She approached us and continued to show off her fantastic pectoral fin as the loud thud of up to one thousand kilograms plunged into the Southern Ocean.

A pod was returning the language with some more dominant tail lobbing to display their strength as this escort pod communicated towards the younger whale. She did approach them briefly but they decided to keep the reactionary distance going and moved a few hundred meters away. Seeming to be content in following them we wished her well as we approached another beautiful whale who had a jet black body and was tail lobbing away in the sunshine. Launching one after the other in beautiful rhythm it was mesmerising to watch and spend some time with these magnificent Humpback Whales who made the most of the lovely weather. The northern migration is starting to slow and we are seeing some of the last Humpbacks focused on heading north before the transition starts soon into the southern migration.

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