Chloe’s Bremer Canyon Sunfish

Chloe’s Bremer Canyon Sunfish sighted today was a special surprise and lifelong dream. Our journey to the Bremer Canyon was a pleasant one this morning as lovely conditions and plenty of sunshine escorted us to the Patch in record time. Looking carefully it wasn’t long before a large congregation of birds up ahead could be sighted and the call went out, “Orca straight ahead!”. It was Urkel and Noosa cruising through the Patch and their family members close by, keeping within distance of an oil slick on the surface. Tracking south, we moved out with the matriarch and her son as they began to forage wider and further and it was during this time that Chloe’s Bremer Canyon Sunfish decided to make his starring appearance just off our bow.

Our pod member Chloe has always wanted to see a Sunfish in the wild, ever since she completed a school project years ago and today we all hoped for that opportunity and ended up meeting 3 beautiful Sunfish! The first individual was the largest and popped his amazingly spotted head above the surface for a quick look before slurping up a delicious jellyfish. Stealing the show, we spent a bit more time with this lovely character before returning with Urkel to the Patch where he rejoined with his family pod as Narni and his pod moved back in the canyon and pushed with energy to the east.

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