Close Encounters with Wild Orca

Close encounters with wild Orca is something very special and today we enjoyed the curious interactions as they played just underneath our bow. Only minutes after arriving in the Patch a large cloud of Shearwaters and Albatross signalled that there were Orca close by and sure enough, the powerful exhalations rose high as the Orca began to surface. Three different family pods were foraging in the area and we joined with two large males as they began to move to the east when a flash to our starboard side began to approach. It was Slater and she was very happy to see us, racing towards our bow before rolling over on her side and giving us a beautiful smile and showing off her extraordinary teeth before swimming back towards where the birds were congregating.

Underneath the birds Orca were feeding and we watched as the faint oil slick covered their bodies and created an appearance of Orca that had just been polished as they gleamed on each surfacing. The meal was enjoyed as they playfully approached us and socialised underneath the bow before circling around to our stern. It is always a very special interaction when the Orca approach and initiate the close encounter, ensuring they are always in control with their preferred proximity to the boat and today it was very close. Incredibly curious as they looked towards the GoPro with inquisitive and intelligent eyes looking straight back at us with much interest. The successful hunting continued as yet another oil slick appeared after a surge to the west and further food was shared. Proving to be a busy day for the Orca with food in their bellies and playtime also enjoyed as we loved every moment of our close encounters with wild Orca in the waters off Bremer Bay

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