Colour Patch & Flin Flinders

We had the wonderful opportunity to meet little Colour Patch today, the three week old Southern Right Whale calf and his mum who were enjoying their winter morning. Shortly after saying hello to them we met Flin Flinders again, the young Humpback Whale calf and mum who were cruising through the bay. Such wonderful news to see him again as we have not sighted them both for about seven days and thought they may have decided to head further north. That is not the case though and wonderful to see little Flin practicing his head lunging today.

Also sighted today were our very playful local Bottlenose Dolphins interacting with a yearling Humpback who even decided to do a very quick breach to show the dolphins how talented he was! A fantastic opportunity to sight three special species of marine mammals today and that is one of the many reasons why Augusta is such a special place during this time of season.