Consecutive Orca Kills

Consecutive Orca kills unfolded today as within one hour the Orca had completed two kills in record time as the hunts unfolded with speed and power. Arriving in The Patch and scanning carefully it wasn’t long before a cloud of birds surfaced and two family pods greeted us with a cheerful good morning Orca style. Chalky was happily travelling alongside Blade and his family pod as they were in forage mode and hungry for breakfast. During the foraging dives we had a very curious and beautiful Oceanic Whitetip Shark who came up to our bow for a closer look, no food up here buddy! The apex predators didn’t mind the company of the shark as they surfaced together and were working alongside each other as they patiently paced The Patch, something was very close. The surge erupted as the entire pod accelerated towards the west with urgency and the feeling of a hunt beginning to take place unfolded. The birds energy lifted and the Orca closed in on their target as Cheryl and her family powered towards the oil slick beginning to form as the water turned a greenish tinge due to the blood now spreading through the water. Razor carried the bulk of their first meal as the family excitedly gathered, all that hard work foraging during the morning had been worthwhile as the family efficiently feasted together as mouthfuls of food were carried around.

The strong scent of mammal wafted from the slick as the birds frantically dived to savour every scrap available to them before their meal could sink to the depths below. The meal had only just been completed when the family exploded into action again, surging once more to the west in a hurry. It was fascinating to watch as Fanscar carried what appeared to be the skull of the Beaked Whale and hung back from the surge momentarily, unwilling to relinquish her prize which she proudly carried. The call of her family though encouraged her to follow and she quickly dropped her trophy as the birds dived after it, but it was far too heavy and sunk quickly as Fanscar raced to catchup with the family. A powerful FLOT line formed as each member lined up next to each other perfectly with only a few meters in-between each individual. B-Slice and his side of the family surged towards the FLOT line and the second hunt completed efficiently as B-Slice bit down onto what appeared to be a juvenile Beaked Whale as blood quickly followed. The second consecutive hunt now complete the family celebrated with fluke slapping, breaching and tail lobbing as we were surrounded by playful and jubilant Orca. Unusual to see two hunts unfold so quickly and from the little that has been observed with Beaked Whale it is known that they can travel in pods. Should this have been a small pod of Beaked Whales it could explain how the Orca were so effective and achieved consecutive Orca kills within a short time of each other, elite hunters of these waters.

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