Cottesloe Beach Whale Watch

Today we met the most curious little Humpback calf just off Cottesloe Beach and he seemed very happy to meet us. Mother and calf very gently approached our vessel and it wasn’t long before we had become friends and the young calf wanted to play! Swimming in and under our vessel while showing us his big white belly showed all of our guests onboard just how curious and gentle in nature Humpbacks are. Mum was also very laid back and seemed pleased her calf had a new playmate while she rested for a little while.

Still only half way through their epic migration these mother and calf pods will generally take 1-2 days to rest before continuing their journey south. While in these resting grounds we often see a lot of the Language of the Whales as pods communicate towards each other and that is exactly what happened today. Just before leaving a pod further away began to tail and pec slap which instantly caught the attention of our friendly calf. His response was some rather close peduncle slaps just off our bow as he showed off his back up… mum and us, his new best friends!

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