Cottesloe Whale Watching

Today the Humpback Whales literally swam over to us! After meeting a very friendly pod of three socializing Humpbacks and spending some time with them we were a bit distracted until a quick glance ahead sighted yet another three Humpbacks swimming straight over to us and preparing to approach the pod we were enjoying some time with. A very special moment today as we watched these two pods meet for the very first time only meters away and the approaching pod tried to mask their approach by sneaking around our stern… but the others were onto them and quickly moved up to our bow before introducing themselves and then three became six.

They spent almost two hours playing, chasing and socializing all around our vessel at amazingly close distance and we felt very privileged to have been trusted by six Humpbacks and welcomed into their pod. Because it was a slightly dominant interaction at times, we had a few tail swipes right under our feet as they pushed each other closer to the boat while trying to get closer to the female. We also had a good laugh today when we sighted for the second time this season a whole group of lost Galah’s out in the middle of the ocean. Thankfully they regrouped after five minutes of yelling at each other which was the correct way to go and they headed back to the coast while we enjoyed our amazing morning with six beautiful Humpbacks with a perfect view of Cottesloe Beach.

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