Curious Company

Today we encountered the most curious of company in Humpback Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins who seemed as fascinated by us as we were of them! The bay is still teeming with many Humpback Whales this morning and our first pod was happily playing with the local Bottlenose Dolphins before they all decided to come over and say good morning. Further along our journeys today we met three big male Humpbacks who interacted with everyone only meters away from our bow before one tail sailed right next to us and stole the show. Meanwhile in the background a young female tried to get our attention by floating with her belly to the sky which had everyone giggling as these four Humpbacks competed for the attention of everyone onboard, or so it seemed.

Our afternoon experience was also filled with curiosity as a male who had won one of the competition pods earlier in the day was resting peacefully with his prize, a beautiful female Humpback. They both were enjoying each others company with a spy hop and a few gentle twists and turns almost like a dance! They then came over to check out what we were up to as we quietly watched them and the gracefulness of these wonderful mammals and gentle behaviour of Humpback Whale courtship.

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