Curious Humpback Whale Calves

Curious Humpback Whale calves on a superb day in the waters off Fremantle as both our morning and afternoon tours enjoyed the company of these curious little ones. The warmth of the sunshine indicated today that summer is just around the corner and our whales time in northern WA waters is limited as mothers and their calves make the slow and steady journey south. Antarctica is calling and krill will be waiting in abundance for the adult whales to feast on after many months and many thousands of kilometres without a meal. The calves of this season though are happily exploring the WA coastline on an incredible “road trip” south and with mums nutrient rich milk keeping them full along the way they are having a wonderful time. This mornings mother Humpback was a peaceful girl, relaxed and easy going as she gently swam towards us with her curious calf. Her little one was just beautiful, playing with seaweed and lifting into a big spy hop to look towards us all while showing the way curious Humpback Whale calves investigate their surroundings.

The afternoon was mesmerising as the heat haze turned all of the recreational vessels into tiny miniature vessels a quarter of their original size, at least appearing that way in the distant haze! There was no mistaking the beautiful tall blow of an adult Humpback as this whale exhaled into the warm atmosphere. It was a whale we had met before, a large male bull sighted a couple of days ago and he seemed to have krill on his mind. Perhaps his time with the female Humpback and calf we sighted him with a few days ago had come to an end and now this solo traveler was gracefully moving through the still conditions. A beautiful fluke he had as his journey carried him towards and steadily past Rottnest Island and into the afternoon haze. Wishing him well on his journey we met a very healthy young calf who was curious towards us and peeked over the ocean to look back our way as mother Humpback surfaced right alongside. A peaceful day with the whales that perfectly matched the conditions as the blue of the ocean and warmth of the sun had us completely at ease, no where better to be on such a lovely day than with he whales of WA.

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