Discover Perth’s Humpback Whales

Discover Perth’s Humpback Whales now on their southern migration as thousands of mothers and calves make their journey south towards Antarctica. Today it was nursery time as the babies rested with mums in peaceful surroundings. Our first meeting though was with our cheeky Bottlenose Dolphins who were cruising on by before stopping to come over and say good morning. It is always lovely to see their happy, smiling faces looking up towards us and appearing to have full bellies with content behaviour amongst all of the family pod members. A few hundred meters ahead a mother Humpback and her calf quietly surfaced to see what all the commotion was about. Curiously looking over at us, they seemed rather interested in what we were doing and appeared to ponder why we were so interested in them! 

A younger female who could possibly be raising her first or second calf, she looked very healthy and round which is a good thing for a mother Humpback Whale. Baby is drinking over two hundred litres of milk per day which she is producing from her fat reserves to sustain not only her calf but also herself. We gently moved off to allow mum and calf to continue resting peacefully as we joined with a more mature female. She was a bit larger and longer, which usually indicates a slightly older female and her cheeky calf was interested in us. They proceeded to spend the next period of time investigating our bow and stern with close approaches as they enjoyed the calm conditions to continue their “people watching” which was a fun outing for the curious calf while our guests were able to discover Perth’s Humpback Whales.

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