Dolphin Watch Western Australia

Dolphin Watch Western Australia it was today as one of the beautiful local pod of 30+ Bottlenose Dolphins came over to say hello and introduce us to their newest addition to the family! A gorgeous and very small Dolphin calf surfaced right alongside mum and we noticed a tell tale sign of his young age. The foetal folds that look similar to tiger stripes are often sighted on newborn cetaceans. These unique markings will fade after the first month of life and are a result of baby being all curled up inside of mums belly. This beautiful calf was even over accentuating each of his surfacing’s, it can be a little bit tricky to position your blowhole completely out of the water as you get used to the big wide world and build coordination.

A big journey watching for whales today, but unfortunately we did not meet our Humpbacks. Incredibly consistent the season has been so far this year with sightings everyday since May 25th, but as we near the end of Humpback season 2019 we will continue to carefully monitor the migration movements. We are still anticipating another flow of Humpbacks to move down the coastline as the last of the population return back towards Antarctica. A perfect example as to why we always guarantee all of our experiences so even though we loved our time today being Dolphin Watch Western Australia, we look forward to welcoming our guests onboard again to spend some time with our whales!

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