Double Kill in Bremer Canyon

Double kill in Bremer Canyon unfolded today as a squid hunt was quickly followed by a Beaked Whale hunt with both ending in success as the seabirds and sharks shared in the feast. Our morning was very pleasant as we enjoyed the trip out to The Patch and within moments of arriving found ourselves surrounded by Shearwaters and Orca. Kidji and her family pod were foraging and working carefully together as they searched for breakfast. Travelling with them for a while they began to push out towards the shelf as a deep shadow appeared alongside us, it was Queen and she had arrived to say good morning. Always lovely to spend time with this family pod we weren’t surprised to see her family being followed by an oil slick after a successful hunt. It appeared to be squid from the appearance and scent of the slick as the family enjoyed their morning tea. Cookie and El Notcho now approached for a curious investigation as their family seemed interested in what the other Orca had just found, also on a mission for food today.

A massive surge erupted just ahead and we approached to see what the Orca had found and which family pod was now racing towards their prey. It was Kidji and her family as they surged powerfully towards the shelf and moved at intense speed in a thrilling increase of energy. All slowing together at once the family now began to dive and feed as a smaller slick formed and the birds scattered frantically to try and secure any stray morsels. The appearance and scent of the slick once again indicated squid as the family enjoyed their meal together. It seemed a very successful day for the Orca yet we were in for one last surprise as the energy increased again and the surge was on once more as we raced towards the west. White water launched skywards as the moment of the kill was made and the Orca converged together in excitement as the seabirds plummeted int the ocean. Blood from the kill was causing the water to turn a greenish hue as the Orca began to break up the meal and amongst all the commotion we noticed immediately Lucky and her distinctive dorsal fin as she held the remains of the Beaked Whale before sharing with the rest of her family pod. Shearwaters squabbled over blubber as a shark propelled itself at the birds to try and secure a perfect sized meal but he missed and the Albatross enjoyed it in the end. A most remarkable day with the Orca and great to see them feeding well after a few days of disciplined searching in The Patch.

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