Double Pec Slapping

This afternoon we had two big Humpbacks putting on a big show of breaching, head lunging and even double pec slapping… all synchronized! Perfectly timed it was beautiful to watch as these two whales called in the attention of a few other Humpbacks in the area. We also re-sighted baby Leeuwi this morning which was a huge relief after the very sad news of a baby Humpback in distress at Left Handers beach.

A lot of movement in our bay today as many of the Humpbacks who had been sheltering in Flinders Bay during the last two days of rough weather started to begin their migration north once again. We had three very competitive Humpbacks race past our bow this morning chasing each other with a lot of speed and power! Our friendly Bottlenose Dolphins also enjoyed greeting us on our arrival back at the marina today and even started hunting for an afternoon snack inside the marina much to our delight.

ID Log
Date – 1.8.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 22. 42 Long – 115 . 11 . 56
Notes – Fluke showing signs of past Orca attack, chunk missing from right sid