Dummy Spit

We had an interesting situation today as we watched a very frustrated male Humpback throw a dummy spit! He had just lost a competition with another male for the affection of a lovely female Humpback and decided to release those frustrated energies with a magnificent breach just off our bow. Males must compete very hard to win a female Humpback and sometimes it doesn’t always go their way which is exactly what we sighted today and was a wonderful example of the comical side of the Language of the Whales.

Little Colour Patch the baby Southern Right Whale calf seemed vey happy to see us again today and so did mum who was enjoying the peaceful conditions on a beautiful morning. Michelle the much loved and very friendly pregnant Southern Right was showing us her cheeky footprints as she circled around our vessel only meters away but refused to come up to the surface…perhaps she is still not happy with us after we left her last time? Sometimes these whale behaviours can come across as very human!