East Side Orca

East Side Orca on a picture perfect day as the big boys made a move out to Bremer Canyon in search of todays meal. A stunning morning greeted us as we departed the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour with calm seas and vision as far as the eye could see. Arriving in The Patch it only took moments before slinky dorsal fins were sighted just ahead and moving out to the east, the Orca were on the march! Handsome big males Chalky, Hookfin and Blade along with the ladies were all cruising together in the glassy conditions as their jet black and white features cut through the deep blue. Travelling in two plus kilometres of water depth we could see the Orca focusing on targeting any possible Beaked Whale or deep sea squid that may have mean within reach. Chalky came over to travel alongside us for a while before members of Blade’s pod came over and Chalky quickly swam underneath us to greet them and welcome the girls into the march east.

Wonks, Flapper and Stormy also joined in on the journey to the Bremer Canyon and it was an exciting opportunity to spend some time in these deep waters. The food source seems to be rekindling again as multiple large schools of tuna bubbled away throughout our trip as the Shearwaters and Black Browed Albatross tried their best to catch a morsel. East side Orca spent some time investigating the Bremer Canyon before they were ready to head on back to The Patch as the boys once again filed in and moved with ease through the calm conditions. Another stunning day on the waters off Bremer Bay and how fantastic to spend time with three different family pods in such magnificent conditions. Orca will often travel vast distances in search of a meal and today it was an educational journey to be seeing some of the foraging pathways.

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