El Notcho’s in Da House

El Notcho’s in da house as one of the favourite males in the Bremer Bay Orca population made his presence noticed in The Patch today. A brief interaction yesterday with this lovely male was followed up today with some time with the family pod as Cookie and her calf Oreo came over to say hello and Swirl was looking as beautiful as ever! The Orca had a consistent day in search of food with the Shearwaters and Albatross also looking hungry as each search revealed no squid or tasty morsels to be found in the depths below. The Orca never stopped looking and covered every area necessary in search of the days meal as each pod member did their part to find breakfast.

El Notcho cruised past our bow and showed off his impressive frame which was looking strong and full of muscle as this powerful male Orca is one of the largest in the population. A second family pod was also in the The Patch today as the lovely Alki, Dot, Grace and young male Nani were also in foraging mode as they came over to say hello before getting back to business again. A quick surge to the west allowed young calf Grace to enjoy her zoomies alongside mother Dot and it is wonderful to see her looking so strong and healthy. Another wonderful day with the Orca in Bremer Bay and brilliant to see the much loved El Notcho is back in the house.

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