End of Orca Season 2021

The end of Orca Season 2021 arrived today and it was bittersweet as we were surrounded by playful, happy Orca on our last tour for the season. It has been a truely remarkable few months and today was just as special as any other since early January as we were firstly greeted by Alki and her family pod before Queen (aka Split Pin) and her family joined us for some social time. Observing the approach of Biggs and his family pod was unique as both families joyously greeted each other with much enthusiasm and excitement. During the next couple of hours it was playtime and even the adults joined in with social interactions amongst each other Calves got up to much mischief including newest pod members Stevie, Charlie and Bubbles. The little wiggling movements of these excited calves was adorable to observe as they raced after each other.

Watching a population of Orca continue to grow and strengthen is a privilege and brings much joy to so many lives. Our Pod Members have the opportunity to meet our oceans apex predators and be part of the world they live in, something very few people on the planet have experienced. Every season continues to grow bigger and bigger with this year being our busiest season yet. We feel very privileged as a family to share this incredible place on a daily basis with our Pod Members and marvellous crew. Today completed with a few quiet moments with Queen, Noosa and their immediate family members swimming peacefully alongside us in the afternoon sunshine. Our very first tour of this season began with Queen and to end our last day of the season with her was incredibly humbling. Our dearest Orca of Bremer Bay are well and truely extended members of our own family Pod now and we are forever grateful to them for the joy they bring to our lives.

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