End Of Season 2016

Summer is here and our wonderful whales are now enjoying a long awaited meal in the cool and nutrient rich waters of Antarctica. They will spend the next few months feeding and regaining their strength before they return once again along the West Australian coastline to complete another incredible migration. This season we have had the privilege of meeting hundreds of whales and each interaction created long lasting memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. It is hard to put into words the incredible affect these magnificent creatures have on everyone that meets them and the joy they bring to so many lives.

Although we will miss our friends until they return again, we feel very pleased in knowing that there are currently around 2-3,000 new Humpbacks calves experiencing their very first time in Antarctica and all whales who have returned are relishing a very well earned feed and replenishing those hungry tummies! The migration they undertake every year is an estimated 13,000 kilometre long journey that was made all the more challenging this season with a very long lasting winter and spring. Once again they made a successful journey back to the kitchen fridge and development grounds of their new calves and just as one journey ends the preparation for the next one begins.

This season was filled with many once in a lifetime moments, such as meeting Pearl the White Southern Right Whale Calf and little Leeuwi the Humpback calf born in Flinders Bay in late June who found a way to survive when all odds were against him. Curious Minke whales in Geographe Bay and even a family pod of Pygmy Blue Whales including her young calf were sightings we will treasure. We have compiled just a few of our favourite images and moments from this season that we hope you enjoy.

We would like to thank all of our guests and local communities for your support and also your love and admiration for your whales! Almost having lost our West Australian Whales many years ago it was the desire to protect these Dinosaurs of The Deep™ that has allowed them to regain strength in their populations and continue to bring joy to the lives of thousands of people each year. We are the fortunate ones who have the privilege of taking you to meet them and have the responsibility to teach every person who steps aboard Whale Watch Western Australia everything they have ever wanted to know about The Language of The Whales and for that we are forever grateful…see you next year!❤