Epic Humpback Whale Migration

The epic Humpback Whale migration never ceases to amaze with the extraordinary journey and achievement made by our Western Australian Humpbacks one of the longest mammal migrations known in the world. The extreme lengths they will go to for the survival of the next generation is inspiring as females travel to the extremes of our WA coastline, the heat of the Kimberly providing a tropical oasis nursery ground. Their calves grow and develop quickly in these suitable conditions and by the time they are ready to leave the nursery grounds they have doubled in size. A female and her calf were travelling towards the Humpback Highway today and there was absolutely nothing that was going to interrupt her focus as we joined on their journey and matched the energy of this lovely pod.

The female was beautiful with a white belly that extended up her flanks and old scarring provided for a very pretty and unique appearance. Her little calf may have been one of the smaller babies that we have sighted this season but he had a very big personality and would swim in closer to have a better look at us every chance he could. Always a privilege to observe the epic Humpback Whale migration and watch as an incredible journey which began in April/May this year almost nears its end. This little family still has approximately 5,000km to travel before they arrive in the feeding grounds of Antarctica. Wishing them well as they headed for the Leeuwin Current we were very excited to see an Albatross gliding straight towards us as he pivoted and turned providing us with some special moments to capture such a beautiful seabird we would normally only sight when further out to sea. The local Bottlenose Dolphins including the cheeky Hiccups also greeted us this morning as they busily hunted in the marina for their breakfast of fresh fish. A change of season could be felt as the full moon appeared casting an eye over the waiting tankers not far from the Port of Fremantle.

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