Escort Pod Highway

Escort Pod highway unfolded throughout the day as beautiful weather and focused whales moved around Cape Leeuwin and the local Bottlenose Dolphins enjoyed a morning of play within Flinders Bay. It was picture perfect winter conditions and shortly after departing we noticed a bit of commotion happening around the tide line. Little dorsal fins broke the waters surface and within moments we were surrounded by the curious and playful antics of the local Bottlenose Dolphins who raced towards us through the glassy conditions. They were very distracting but the Humpback Whales were just ahead as six escort pods cruised through the area. Extremely relaxed but with migration on their mind, they moved through the bay efficiently. One of the escort pods were able to spend a little while playing with the seaweed they found on the waters surface as they twisted and rolled. It is incredible to watch just how sensitive their skin is when it comes to noticing the sensation of a small clump of seaweed swivelling over their rostrum.

The afternoon conditions were just as beautiful as we cruised on out to the cape with a feeling that the same migration momentum from this morning would continue on into the afternoon. Sure enough, there they were as a further 7-8 escort pods moved around South East rocks and up the coastline. We cruised with them and amongst the pods was a very special whale, an Orca attack survivor. This special Humpback had scars covering his entire body that have been caused by the powerful teeth of Orca and somehow this tough young whale had managed to evade them and has now grown into a powerful, healthy whale. Very sensitive to the environment around him, this young Humpback performed two tail lobs and a tail slap which showed his fluke had also been damaged but thankfully was still strong and working well now that it had healed. The escort pod highway was alive and moving today and we certainly are impressed by the focus and dedication these whales show towards each and every journey that they undertake.

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